Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Marley and Me

I watched Marley and Me for the first time today on HBO. I really had to force myself to sit and watch it. The beginning just did not get me hooked. I think also knowing how it ended didn't help. When you know it is a sad ending and you are going to cry, you dont want to watch it.
Marley, the dog is cute. His story line keeps you wondering what he is going to do next, but besides that I wasn't that interested. It does make me rethink getting a dog because they are a lot of work. The dog also brought the family closer together. 
I wouldn't recommend it as a family movie since it is a sad movie. Families movies should always have a happy ending in my world. I also won't be going out to buy it. I would probably watch it again on tv if nothing else was on.


Anonymous said...

ha i just saw the ending of this movie today. It was also on hbo and i didn't have anything to watch haha. i think it's more a story about how the relationship between John & Jenny changes from the beginning when they first get Marley, to the end when Marley is gone.

Jennifer said...

I haven't been able to watch it because of the ending so I understand completely!!

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