Monday, October 26, 2009

Weekend Recap

Where did the weekend go. It came and went so fast. Lets see did I do everything I was suppose to do. I can already say no. Good thing I have off today to get some important school work done. I have a big Test today in my First said and safety class and a test in math tomorrow. I keep saying I am not going to get behind this semster and it always seems to happen. I really need some push to get things done ahead of time and not at the last minute.

First aid homework- yah didn't touch it friday night. It did get done on Sunday though.
Math homework- didn't touch this either
Wash laundry- I did do this.
Put away laundry- this got done too.

make menu- I did this.
go grocery shopping- went to three different stores, Cosco's, Aldi's and Giant Eagle
make side dish for party- make it in about 2 minutes since we were running late. Taco dip is really easy to make and there never are any leftovers. Thats always great.
go to party- I couldn't miss this. Had a lot of fun. Played flip cup for the first time and did pretty well.

work- I don't miss work that often so I was there cutting hair. We were pretty busy so made the day go by quick
make sure homework is all finished- i did my first aid and safety now I just have to study for the test. I have to do my math homework before tomorrow test.


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