Sunday, November 22, 2009

Holiday Cleaning

The family finally decided on whos having the holidays, we atleast my side of the family. My parents are having Thansgivings and my cousin in going to have Christmas. I would have prefered if my parents didn't have either with us living here and all, but I guess Thanksgivings is better than xmas. That means that house has to be cleaned. It actually turned out to be a good thing that the house is getting cleaned from head to toe. But that also meant I had to clean off the island. There really wasn't any room for my food anywhere so it is just getting stored in the camper until future notice but the island is no longer a mess. Here is a before photo.


Staci said...

Cleaning up is always the one thing I dread about the holidays! And it's amazing how quickly it gets messy again.

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