Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Hot and Healthy

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Yah this past week did not go anything like planned. I did not commit to the challenge what so ever. The challenge was to do a half an hour of cardio for 5 days. I didn't even do one day of cardio. It started off I didn't know what to do for cardio, with it being cold outside that limits a lot, I don't have any exercise videos's (they are packed away), then I had my ER visit. So this week is a fresh start. I got an exercise video from the library. I am going to give it a try today.
This weeks challenge- do atleast 170 minutes of cardio this week and try the pilates hundred three times this week.
Remember if you want to join in on the challenge check out Mama's M and/or Keely's blog for more details


MannMom3 said...

Hey Adrienne!

Sorry to hear about your ER visit..I hope you're feeling better!!

What video did you end up getting?


Tyler said...

Its a new week....Hope its a better one for you!! Good luck this week!

Helga said...

Sorry to hear about your cyst, I know how painful they are. I hope you start to feel better soon. This is a new week and I know you will do great :o) Good luck this week.

Emily said...

Here's to a new week! You can do it!

Wendy said...

Good luck this week! That hardest part is getting started.
Sorry to hear about the ER visit. I'm sure that didn't help either.

Mama M. said...

Dude, you just gotta dance!! ;) It is cold here too, and I wasn't sure what I was gonna do...but I just improvised! Glad to hear you are "recommitting" (sp?)!!

Ginny said...

I'm so glad you are not giving up!!! I completely understand the challenge to the challenge!

Jamie H said...

It's only week one! Don't get down on yourself, we've got 7 more weeks to go! Pick it up and start over this week. You can do it!

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