Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Hot and Healthy

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This was another week of not keeping up with the work-out schedule. I have just been really lazy this past
week for some unknown reason. I probably did about 30 minutes of extra cardio. I also didn't do any of the pilates.
However I did limit my fast food eating. I was getting carried away with this. I also have been good with drinking water.
This weeks goals are 3 days of each 3 pilates exercises, and 170 minutes of cardio.


Kassi said...

you can do it!!!

Jamie H said...

Don't let a couple of bad weeks get you down. You can do it and you've got a bunch of us to support you along the way!

Mama M. said...

Way to go with the water and no fast food!! You can do this, Adrienne! You can!

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