Monday, November 2, 2009

October Update

I didn't give myself that much of a list for October. Being in my parents house things are still a little different. It isn't my place to completely take over and rearrange, change, organize, clean, etc. I can't wait until we are moved into our own place and I can do things my way.

Lets see how I did: (bold means it got done_
1- Clean the rabbit cage once a week on garbage night. Needed a little bit of help remembering when garbage night is but it always got done.

2- Put clothes away, not on the floor. I have been very good about doing this. I hate having dog or cat fur all over everything.
3- Stop stressing over not being pregnant. It will happen when it happens. Been doing really well and haven't really been worrying about it.
4- Organzie Bills. Done


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