Friday, December 4, 2009

November Update

I know I am a little late on this, better late then never. So how did I do with my November to do list?

- Make myself a christmas list, everyone always asks and I never know what I want. Just the most part this got done. I ended up going shopping for some of the stuff myself buying it and getting reimberesed. Atleast I will like what I get.

- Decide what we are doing for christmas presents this year. I keep staying we are just buying for the kids then I change my mind. We did a gift exchange with my in-laws. This resolved all my worries.

- Decide what I am making for both Thanksgivings. I made pies for my side of the family and since my mother had thanksgivings I didn't have to do anything for my inlaws. I had no where to cook anything or store anything.

- Finish reading "Super Nanny" Finished reading and did a book review post on it.

- Make a new reciepe Made chicken noodle recipe coming soon

- Make a new dessert.

- Clean/organize my food island. Got done since we had Thanksgivings at my parent house. Here is the before photo.


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