Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Product Review

Last week I bought a new razor. I really had no intention of getting a new one. I really love my Venus. With it being the holidays I have been doing whatver I can to save money to buy presents. I used my last Venus razor and it got very dull so I needed new blades. For a package of 4 Venus blades it is like $12. While wandering around Walmart the Schick Intuition pack for $5. It came with 3 blades and the razor. I couldn't pass up the deal.
I tried out the razor today. It is different. I like the soap around the razor. That makes shaving a little quicker. It is a little getting use to a bigger head to work with, but had no problems with it. It doesn't give as close of a shave that I am use to, but will work for a winter razor. I also didn't nick myself which is a huge plus. Since I don't normally use soap, I use Coochy by Pure Romance as my shaving cream, the soap did seem to dry out my skin afterwards so I have to find some lotion.


Helga said...

I have tried that razor before but my favorite is Mac 3 for men. I get the best shave and I never worry about cutting myself.

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