Thursday, January 7, 2010

Christmas Update

So I am a little late on doing my Christmas update. Better late than never. I did not take any photos. I completely forgot and wasn't in the mood.
On Christmas Eve Day, I was sick, called off work and pretty much slept all day. My parents always make lasgana for dinner, which they still did. I just didn't eat any. We also started the tradition last year of watching a christmas movie that one of us hasn't seen. That didn't happen either. I just slept Christmas Eve away. Not what anyone hopes to do for the holidays.
On Christmas Day I normally wake the family up at 4:30 am dieing to open presents. My mom came in my room around 8 am to wake me up to open presents. We opened presents then I went back to bed. My husband did go see his side of the family and brought me home my presents. My mom and sister went to my side of the family and brought back my presents also. My father wasn't feeling well either so he stayed home with me.
Some of the things I got for xmas are:
- remote start for my car
- Britney Spears The Singles collection

- Gossip Girl Season 2
- Buzz for PS3
- bath towels
- kitchen towels
- diamond necklace from my mom
- diamond heart necklace with white and black diamonds from my husband
- jeans
- 2 blue sweaters
- carpet cleaner
- ipod cd player


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