Saturday, January 23, 2010

Friday excitement of Obama

I live on a main street down the street from the local community college. Yesterday The President of the United States, Obama was coming for a visit to talk with the mayor, the community, and local small business owners. It was a whole big ordeal.
This past Monday we had the Secret Service at work, two guys got haircuts.  That was interesting.
They closesd the college and the local school for his visit along with the road. I had to work later in the day but I decided to stay home during all the excitement to see it all go on. I stood outside and waited for the President to drive past. Here is the time line of what went on.

- At 11:50am they had closed the main road into front of my house and all the side streets that were off of it. There was no driving down it until after the President came through. There was a guy who got catch in it and had to sait in my driveway and wait. (He waited and hour). There was police cars and city workers blocking the intersections. With 500 feet there were 3. At this time people had already started to line the streets like there was going to be a parade.

- Around 12:10 a big orange helicopter kept going up and down the street.

- 12:17 the cop across the street was on the phone and said that the President was late that he should have already gone past.
- 12:30 1 cop car went past with his sirens on, followered by two black cars.

- 12:32 transit police drove past

- 12:57 There were 12 state highway patrol vehicles that drove past. (very quickly)

- 1:00 the FBI, President, Secret Service, etc drove past.

The president was in the SUV where the window is cracked open.

- 1:05 They somwhat opened back up the road. You were aloud to drive south on the road but not north. When I left for work at 2pm I also was only aloud to go south and had to go in a big square, since I only work 2 minutes down the street going north.
- On a side note Friday was out garbage day and I forgot Monday was a holiday. We put our trash to the curb and it go looked through and opened. The box that was at the curb taped shut was cut open, out trash that was in the can was picked through and put back it. The trash can was also moved away from the street towards the house.


Karen said...

Wow!! You are in Elyria, correct? I watched the coverage all day on TV, funny to see it from a different, up close and personal point of view! How exciting!

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