Tuesday, February 2, 2010

New Additions to Family.

The past week has been crazy busy. Between work, school, and everything else that goes on in a normal week. Last week was even crazier. Our family has grown a bit in just one week.

I am an aunt again. My brother in law and his girlfirend had a little boy last week. Thomas Wesket was born weighing 5.1 pounds and 17 inches long. He is having some health issues but is home.

We got two kitties. They are so cute and playful and loving. Furball, is gray (blue) and white and is a male. He was born in October. Peaches is orange, black and white and is a female. She was born in April. They are both fixed. Furball has no problem going up and down the stairs. Peaches has an ear infection (we are giving her medecine twice a day) and doesn't jump up on anything. We have seen her go up a couple of stairs but then go back down. We hope as she gets better and older she will have no problem with the stairs. Right now the catbox, food and water are all in the bsement, where they spend most of their time. Every night when we go to bed we take them upstairs with us, then in the morning when they wake us up at 7am, we take them back downstairs.

Lastly the newest addition to the family is my husband's hobby. I have mentioned before that he is a car freak. He is the crew chief for his father's race car at the local asphalt oval track. Last year his father decided he wanted a new race car. He bought one and since we have the larger garage now that means to came to our house. Here is the new chassis.  There is a lot of work that needs to be done to make it look like this:


Clarks N Idaho said...

Just found your blog. I just wanted to say congrats to you on your new race car. Or should I say welcome to my world. I have been around racing for years and my entire family does it. Both of my children race. Enjoy you will have to keep me posted on how your season. Only a few more days until Daytona. The family that races together stays together.

Your new blogging friend

Kristen @ Miss Prissy Paige said...

Your nephew is so cute! And the kitties are gorgeous, I bet they are little trouble makers! Hope Peaches is feeling better soon!

LaurenH said...

Congratulations on becoming an aunt again and a kitten mommy! I love my nieces and nephews and my kitty cats - now I can't wait for my own baby :)

CRAZYMOM said...

Thanks for the follow! Congrats on all the new additions! I have to say I am partial to the baby and the Calico. :) I have a black cat with subtle marbling and one "peanut butter" colored foot. Hope baby is feeling better.

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