Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Spare bedroom

We have a 3 bedroom house. This is one of the spare bedrooms. Once we have a kid it will get painted, until then we are leaving it as it is. We plan on getting a box spring and bed frame eventually also. Sleeping on a mattress is better than sleeping on the floor period.

The room also seems to be a collect all, with painting that evetually need to be hung up, but we need frames for some more of them first. I have boxes that I am suppose to give to a girlfriend and containers with more frog stuff in it.
I collect frogs and shot glasses.


Kristen said...

I have a similar shot glass collection! We get one from every place that we visit!

Summer said...

I love your new bloggy look....super cute! I am on the waiting list to get one and I can't wait!! My hubby has a similar shot glass is displayed on these wooden glass shelve thingys in his downstairs man cave....LOL....
Have A Happy Tuesday
Summer :0)

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