Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Crazy Cats

I have two kittens. We have had them for 2 months. They are still being adventurous and wondering through the house. They are our kids for now. I have had to learn to kitty proof somewhat. They get into everything. Most recently I have had to put all the wine, shot, one the rocks, etc glasses away. They were on selves in the basement, the cats decided to wiggle their way between the glasses.
My cat, furball things he is a monkey. He likes to climb the shelves in the basement. He goes up to high that I can't get him down. He has finally learned how to jump down. Here he is with Dave. (Dave is 6'6'')

They also are muches. Whenever you're eatting them want some too. We made the mistake of giving them food off out plates when we first got them. Now they think they should eat with off everytime we have something.
I don't know why I waste my money on real cat toys. They play with random stuff more than they do real toys. Crumpled up pieces of paper, balls of foil, empty boxes, tape measures,

I also wish I could be lazy and just lay around all day whenever I pleased just like them.


Sonja said...

They are sooooo cute but definitely sound like troubles!!


Holly said...

cute kitties!

Alissa said...

Haha they sound like our kitty Nala. I Guess that's why they came up with that saying curiosity killed the cat.

Kristen @ Miss Prissy Paige said...

cute kittens! and i bet they keep you busy, running after them :)

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