Thursday, March 25, 2010

I live in Ohio

It is officially spring, well turned officially spring over the weekend. Yesterday we were in the 50's I was out playing basketball with my husband and his buddy. Today it is SNOWING. I am ready for warm weather to come and stick around. I want to go outside and do yard work, grill, go for a walk, go for a bike ride, etc. I can't wait for spring/summer weather to be here.
Yesterday was a long day. My sister and I drove out to Clear Choice Lasik Eye center for a free consultation for Lasik eye surgery. I have been told by a few different eye drs that I could not get Lasik because I have large pupils. Well they were wrong. I am a candidate for Lasik. It is very reasonable in price also. As of right now I am not going to get it done since we are Trying To Conceive and some job issues. But this may be something I start saving up for one day.
Last night we also finally took in our tv to be replace at Best Buy. Luckily we got the extended warrenty and it covered being replace. The motherboard or whatever inside of it went bad and was on back order so we got a store credit. For the past three months we haven't been able to play our PS3. We decided to upgrade to a larger tv for a little bit more money. We came home to went to put it on the tv stand to find out I lost the screws for the tv. Now it is sitting on the floor. We are going to go get screws tonight.
So one else decided they wanted to catch up on my dvr and watch the dr's with me.


Emily said...

I love The Drs! It is so addicting!

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