Monday, March 1, 2010

What a weekend

We had one busy weekend. Friday started out great for me, I had the snow day I had been waiting for. Here are some pictures of the snow.

 When Dave got him from work he quickly plowed the driveway so we could go out for our rain-checked Anniversary/ Valentines Day dinner. We originally were suppose to go to Johnny Rockets which is about an hour drive. Due to the weather and time restraint we just ended up at Applebee's. I had a great frozen Margarita and Dave had something on the rocks.
After Applebee's we went to Dealership Appreciation night at the car show. I can't pass up free tickets.
We had fun. We are now talking about getting a new car and trading in my SUV. We had been talking about it before the car show, but now have finalized what we want after sitting in the cars. Now I just have to test drive them. 
I made Dave sit in one of the Smart cars. They look so small. He is 6'6'' and doesn't sit in all cars. Well he fit. It just wouldn't be a comfortable drive for an extended period of time. 

Saturday I had off work so we could do our tax's. Since we bought a house and get the first time home buyers tax break we had to take our tax's to someone for them to do. It went well and didn't take long. The rest of the day I just sat around, watched tv, and relaxed. I finished my household builder finally. I will post all the details on that at a later time.
Sunday I had to work. Not a big deal only 5 hours, but it sucked cause it was slow. I came home and was bored so I decided to change my blog layout again. I found this website called Foto Flexer were you can add photos to images, etc. I love it. Thats how I made my own header. Also go the background from LeeLou again. While checking out her site I also found tutorials on how to make my blog 3 columns. (I had it before but that was in with the old layout/background, the new one didn't have it). It was so easy to do myself. What do you think?
Hope everyone else had a great weekend.


Anonymous said...

We got snow in SC - which is like unheard of - a whole 8 inches. But, it looks like you got more than Now, they're telling us that there will be more tomorrow night. Hopefully it'll come and cancel my English exam! Lol. Have a good day. :)

Holly said...

the snow looks beautiful! And I love the 3 columns. I want 3 on mine too but I don't think it will work with my background

Stacey said...

Hi, Adrienne, welcome to my blog. I will let you have all the snow you want if it will stay away from my house. lol

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