Tuesday, September 21, 2010

30 Day Challenge- Eatting Out

David and I have started a 30 day Challenge for each other. We haven't decided what we get if we complete this challenge yet.
Our Challenge is to go 30 days Without Eatting Out. This means no fast food or sit down. Now this only counts if we are paying for it. If someone takes us out to dinner or brings something over then it doesn't count.
Eatting out is a big thing for us. When we are not in the mood to cook we just stop somewhere. It seems like every fast food restaurant is within 10 minutes from our house.
There are a few reasons I decided to do this challenge.
- I am getting tired of fast food. It should be a treat not a need.
- I am tired of throwing away food that goes bad because we don't eat it. The cupboards are full it is not like there is nothing to eat in the house.
- We are having some money issues, and don't need to be spending money we don't have on food we don't need.

We officially started the challenge yesterday, Monday Septemeber 20. The end date is Wednesday October 20.
The weekend of October 8-10, is excluded from the challenge because we are racing all weekend and will end up atleast going to breakfast on Sunday morning after spending the night at the race track. There is really no other option for food.

Do you and your husband, family, friends, etc do any sort of challenges?


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