Monday, September 27, 2010

Fall Festivities

This weekend has been great and so much fun. I wish it never had to end. This is gonna be a long picture filled post, just thought I would for warn you.

Friday started bright and early for me. I got up did some last minute cleaning around the house. My friend Tracy and her mom arrived around 9:15 to get their hair done for the wedding. It took a little longer than expected, I forgot how thick Tracy's hair is.
I didn't get myself ready until after they left.
Here are pictures from the wedding. It was so much fun. They had a live jazz band playing the whole time. The ceremony was outside and the rain subsided right before it started.

Saturday I thought I had to work but it turned out I didn't. That meant I have a 3 day weekend. I could really get use to have off weekends. I would love a job that I didn't have to work weekends and could spend the time with my amazing husband and family.
After going to work and finding out I had off I came home and made pumpkin pancakes. Then my husband and I went to his parents house. We ended up running the streets with his dad. We left around 11, and didn't get home til like 4ish. We ended up eatting out at Chick Fil la. I know this totally goes again our 30 day challenge. So I changed the rules again. Since we were hungry and weren't going to be home for a while we had no real choice but to stop somewhere. So new rule is we can not eat out just because we are hungry and lazy and don't want to make anything.
When we were done running the streets we came home and took a nap. After waking up, one of my husbands friends stopped over for a little big. When they left we went and saw Easy A. It was a cute movie.

Sunday was a great day. I got up and made bacon and eggs for breakfast. Then I took a shower and started a grocery list. I also made pumpkin cake. At that time my husband was out cutting the grass. When the cake was done we ran to the grocery store, came home and unloaded, then went to my in-laws to pick up my niece for our pumpkin patch fun.
We went to Brassee's Corn Maze and Pumpkin Patch. It was so much fun. They had 2 bouncy houses, a straw slide, corn pit, kids straw maze and kids corn maze, all for kids. Then they had a pitch black straw maze and 8 acre corn maze for adults (kids could also go through). They also had pumkins that were already picked for $4 and pick your own from the pumpkin patch for $1.50. We ended up doing the pick your own and getting 7 of them. This is going to be a new traidition to do each year of picking our own pumpkins.


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