Monday, October 4, 2010

Rearranged weekend

This weekend did not go as planned. Ms. Mother Nature decided to rearrange our plans. Fall weather is officially here. I would like to go back to the sunny warmer days please.
- Friday night I had to work, nothing to new there. Besides the dramatic drop in temperature. When I went to work it was pretty nice out, by the time I got out it was freezing cold and I didn't have a coat. I drove home with the gas light on because I didn't want to stop in the rain and cold and get gas, so I got it on Saturday morning. I know its not good for the truck, my husband tells me this all the time.
- Saturday I had to work til 2. We were suppose to race afterwards. Since it rained all day the race got cancelled. My in-laws and niece came over, brought dinner and hung out. They stayed til after 10. (a little longer than I would have liked) While they were over I cleaned my bedroom, hung up all my shirts that have been sitting in a clothes basket for about a month.
- Sunday I had to work too. I got home around 5:30 to find a lot more bees in the living room again. With David's help we were able to find where they were coming from. We went to Home Depot bought some bee killer came home and killed them all. So far this morning I haven't seen any yet.
After dinner Dave decided he wanted to rearrange the bedroom. I'm not a huge fan of it right now. I may get use to it. I said we would give it a try. My concern with the layout is the base board heat is at the head of the bed. I know we throw our pillows on the ground while we are sleeping I'm scared of a fire from this.


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