Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Holiday Clean - Up Week 2 - Master Bedroom

I love my master bedroom. It is large an spacious to my liking. That also means more of it to clean. I clean the bedroom quite often. I don't like going to bed looking at a mess or waking up and looking at one. Here are the cleaning jobs I did in my master bedroom.
- wipe down outside of cedar chest
- polish outside of cedar chest
- wash inside of side windows
- wash inside and outside of back windows
- wipe down blinds
- dust wall art
- wipe down baseboards
- wipe down baseboard heat
- wipe down light switches and power outlets
- wipe down fan
- wash mirror
- dust top of stairs
- wipe down night stands
- organize night stands
- wipe down garbage can
- wipe down coin holder
- dust tv
- wipe down jewerly box
- vacuum around edges
- vacuum carpet
- change sheets
- scrub carpet

Cleaning Products and Tips:
- when I say "wipe down" I used a bucket of water with spic and span and an old towel.

- the windows where washed with dollar store window cleaner
- to polish the cedar chest I used Pledge wood polish

Sorry no photos from me. My camera died and I keep forgetting to charge it.


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