Thursday, November 18, 2010

Holiday Clean - Up Week 3 Bathroom

When a guest comes over, how they perceive your bathroom could make or break you in a sense. They could decide how comfortable they are in your house, if they will eat there, if they will come back... all because of your bathroom. (it goes the same for a food establishment)
Random order of cleaning:
- wipe dwn shower walsl
- clean shower faucet and noel
- clean shower head
- scrub shower doors (scrubbing bubbles)
- scrub bathtub (comet)
- wipe walls
- dust light fixtures
- dust top of cabinets
- wipe down fan
- windex mirrow
- remove finger prints from light switch, door, and walls
- wipe down towel holders
- scrub toothbrush holder
- clean sink
- clean outside of toilet
- scrub inside of toilet
- clean magazine rack
- clean sink drains
- sweep floor
- mop floor
- vacuum rugs


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