Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thanksgiving Traditions

Thanksgivings, otherwise known as turkey day, is just two days away. I have so much to do before then. I work both of my jobs today. The first one from 9 to 3, the second one from 6 to 11. That doesn't give me much time to do anything else today. I won't find out my exact schedule for tomorrow (Wednesday) until I go to my second job tonight. I know I have to work my first job from 2 to 9.
We have two houses to go to on Turkey Day. My in-laws at 1, and my side of the family at 3. For both sides I have to make dessert. For my side I just have to make a banana cream pie. On the in-laws side I have to make an apple pie, pumpkin cheesecake and also a banana cream pie. I have no idea when I am going to make time to do all of this either.

Dave and I try to make Thanksgivings morning as relaxing as possible. The main tradition is sleeping in and watching the Macy's Parade. This year I bought a pack of cinnamon rolls to throw in the oven as a quick easy breakfast. I also am planning on going to the gas station to get the newspaper so we can make out plans for Black Friday shopping.

What are your traditions for Thanksgivings Day.


Kristen said...

I definitely don't participate in the Black Friday madness, crowds are not my thing! I love watching the parade though! Good luck getting your desserts made on time!

Natalie said...

Oh man sweetie that is a serious schedule for the next two days. I have a hard time doing much of anything productive after the hour of 7pm, let alone function at a second job. I hope you will be able to not spend too much time getting the desserts ready, so you can still relax on Thanksgiving morning. Hope you have a great one. Don't die on Black Friday. Yikes! People can be crazy.

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