Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Holiday Clean - Up Week 7 - Guest Room

I have to say this is the easiest room of the house to clean. My guest bedroom is barely ever used. There is not to much going on in there, but still needs to be done. We have finally stopped making it a collect all room, you never know when someone is gonna stop by and need a place to crash. The office has turned into the collect all room.
Heres the cleaning list:
- wash inside and outside of windows
- wipe down window seal and ledges
- wipe down walls
- wipe down base board heat
- wipe down base board
- wipe down tv
- dust figurines and shot glasses
- wipe down top of dressers
- change sheets
- make bed
- vacuum carpet
- rub scrub

Next week is the last week of the holiday clean-up. Then my house will be all ready for Christmas Eve gathering and the plan is to keep it clean for the New Years Eve party.


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