Thursday, December 2, 2010

Oh no it's lost

I can't believe it.
I lost it.
I can't seem to find it.
Where can it be?
Did it sprout legs and run away?
Did my cats steal it again?
I have no idea.
Where the heck did I put my camera?
It really does somewhat feel like the end of the world?


Kristen said...

I would be in a straight panic if I lost my camera! Hope you find it soon!

Just Married with Coupons said...

Hope you find it!! That is terrible! I just broke mine the other day, very very sad!

I am hopping by and following your blog, hope you will come visit us back at Just Married with Coupons

Have a great weekend!

Shannon said...

Hope you find it! Thanks for participating in the exchange.



Jumping Jack said...

Man, I hate when that happens! I hope you find it soon!

Ann B said...

I go crazy without mine!

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