Monday, December 13, 2010

Winter Not So Wonderland

I love snow. It is so pretty and makes it brighter outside. I don't like to being to cold though and I am not one to go out there and play in it. Occasionally I do have the urge to go sledding though.
I only love it though when I don't have to be out driving it in. I use to work 10 minutes from the house, all main side roads. In June I switched jobs and have to take the highway to work. Today was my first time driving in the wonderful snowy, windy, freezing, on the high way to work. I'm not a big fan. On the highway (which is 2 lanes) was barely plowed and you were following in the tracks of the person ahead of you.

Disclaimer: this was taken while driving but just holding the camera and clicking it not looking at the camera. Was paying full attention to the crappy road.

It normally takes me like 16-20 minutes to get to work. Today it took me a little over a half an hour. I left my house early with plenty of time to spare. Here's what my work parking lot looked like. They had somewhat plowed but didn't salt anything.

I ended up only working 4 hours today (was scheduled 7). We ended up closing the shop early since we were so dead. In that 4 hours we only have 4 customers. I came home and took and nap since I am feeling a bit under the weather.
Here's a sneak peak, hint of what is to come tomorrow


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