Monday, August 1, 2011

Contractions - Go Away

Sundays and I have not been getting along. Yesterday was no different. You would think I over do it on Saturdays and make myself sick on Sunday, which is totally not the case. I spent most of the day resting in bed.
Sunday morning I woke up early like normal and went to my one job. We weren't to busy so I really just stood around. While at work I had quite a few contractions pretty close together. When I got home I called the doctor. He said if they continued for the next hour to go to Labor and Delivery. They did continue so David and I headed to the hospital.
We got there and got put in triage real quick like normal. It took over an hour for the nurse to come in and hook me up to the monitors. By this time my contractions had slowed down a lot. After being hooked up to the monitors for 2 hours I only had a few. The house doctor ended up coming in to check and make sure I wasn't dialated. Luckily I am not. They sent me home with directions to rest, make an appt with my doctor, and drink plenty of fluids. My new restriction is no strenuous activity.
I spent the rest of the day laying around in bed (nothing new there), and watched a few more episodes of True Blood. I did venture outside later in the evening once it cooled down while my in-laws were over working on the race car.
Here is a picture of me hooked up to the monitors at the hospital. Don't I look so excited to be there. The picture really makes me look huge, it just must be the angle. I actually lost weight again.


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