Monday, June 22, 2009

1 yr anniversary

Yesterday was my one year wedding anniversary to my wonderful husband. Wow does time fly. I can't believe a year ago today I was on a cruise ship for my honeymoon.

For our anniversary we slept in, we were lazy but finally got up and going around noon to go out to breakfast. We ended up at IHOP and then decided to go driving around looking at houses for sale. Dave wanted to stop at one of his co-workers house so we stopped by for a few minutes to look at his new rustic deck that they are adding on to the modern looking home. It just looked a little odd.
After driving around for a few hours we came home to take an afternoon nap, and relax and watch tv. We went to Dave's parents house for dinner. It was nice of them to invite us over for ribs, it was so good. After dinner we came home took out our cake topper from our wedding day. It had been in the freezer at my parents house for the past year. I put in the fridge 2 days before for it to unthaw. It was unthawed by the time we went to eat it. The outside had some freezer burns so I cut into the middle of the cake to take a bite. It didn't taste to bad but wasn't good enough to eat a whole piece. We did it more for the tradition of it. Instead while on our honeymoon we bought rum cake that was vacauumed sealed. That tasted pretty good.
That was pretty much our first anniversary just a nice relaxing day spent together.


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