Tuesday, June 23, 2009


What a great day to have off. I achieved a lot this morning. I got up and finished watching my dvr'd episodes of Jon and Kate plus 8 and watch last nights episodes. It is sad for the kids that the parents are getting a divorce, but also good in other aspects as well.
This morning I finally finished the photo album of my honeymoon. Finished a year later, well I actually didn't start it til last week, I just got a spark up my ass to do and and get it done. Now I am happy that is over with.
The other thing I did this morning was clean, vacuum, organize, sweep, etc the living room. It has needed done for a while I just haven't been up to doing it. If I do one room a day or so then eventually everything will be organized again. I still want to make lists of all the video games and movies we have, but that will wait until another day. Coming soon pictures of the living room.

Tonight I am going to see the New Kids on the Block. I am not a huge fan but a friend asked me to go with her so I said I would. Atleast I get to be outside on such a gorgeous day.


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