Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Bedroom Clean-up

I have mentioned before that my husband and I are in the process of buying a house. We are still waiting on closing. We were suppose to close on October 2nd, but that didn't happen. We are having some issues with our morgage guy who doesn't like to give us messages, return phone calls, and seems to work at a speed slower than a snail. We found a house we love that ended up being for sale by owner. It makes me wonder if we would have decided on a house where we were working with a realitor if we would still have all these problems. Then the frustration that a friend of ours is looking at a house that just got on the market that has more land, a cheaper price, and everything we want in a house. Unfortunatly with the changes in FHA loans and credit scores if we don't get this house we would have to wait until our credit scores got higher to meet the new requirements.

Anyways, as soon as we put a bid on the house and it was accepted we decided to move out of the duplex we were renting and in with my parents for the time being to save money. All of our belongings that we don't use regularly is stored in the garage at the house we are buying. My parents offered for us to move back into my old bedroom, but they weren't going to take out everything they have moved in their when I left. It is not such a big deal, I only get half my closet, and they put book shelves where my sister is housing some of her books. This doesn't leave me with much storage or room for my stuff. I have tried to use the space I have available as best as I can. I did move and stack my sisters books a little differently so I could have more space.

Over the weekend I straightened out and organzied my room a little better to use the space I have available. Here is some pictures of the small space and a lot of stuff I have.


Jennifer said...

I love organizing!! Makes everything seem peaceful.

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