Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fall Weather

I love the fall to some extend. I love the smell of falling leaves, the changing of the leaves, the warm weather, etc. I don't like the shorter days and what comes after fall. I am so in the mood to carve pumpkins, and sit out by a fire. Neither of which I can do right now. We don't have a firepit or fire place right now and I haven't bought pumpkins yet. The house we are buying have a gas fireplace inside and a fire pit in the backyard. To get in the mood of fall I put up the one decoration I could find in my parents house. I hung him on the front door and took down the "Welcome" frog.

Every house I drive by seems to have some sort of fall/halloween decorations. I have found some ideas of how I want to decorate my house next year. I know it is so far away.


Mind Of Mindi said...

I feel the same way about Fall! I love the colors and pumpkins but I'm not a fan of daylight savings! Congrats on your new home!

Jennifer said...

Just think soon you'll be decorating your new house!! That is so exciting!! CONGRATS!!!

Widge said...

I love autumn (as we call it here in NZ) cos it's my birthday time. the colours are gorgeous too. Cute blog:)

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