Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Amish Furniture Shopping

This past Saturday Dave, his mom, and his niece and I all went to Amish Country to look at furniiture. We did this earlier in the day before we went to the Toledo Zoo. It is so overwhelming looking for something that you want, but don't know what you exactly want, that costs a lot of money, that you will have for a long time, that you will use, people will see, etc. It was about an hour and a half drive. So it wasn't to bad. We were just window shopping and getting ideas. I didn't realize how expensive dining room tables could be. The cheapest we found in Amish Country was 800 and went up from there.
There was dining room table we liked that was about 3000 and that didn't include chairs. It was a little different. Instead of coming apart in the middle to add the table leafs, the leaves where stored under the table at the sides. They slid out and popped up to table height. It was neat. I really wish I would have taken a picture.
I found a table that I would love for in the kitchen. It has storage underneath, which would come in very handy. We saw it at two different stores with two very different prices. One place had it for about 800 another place had it for starting at 1100. I don't know if I could pay that much for a table in the kitchen that isn't the main eatting area. Here is a picture of the table

The last furniture store we went to wasn't in Amish Country but was on the way to the Toledo Zoo. We stopped at Hemlock Furniture in Wellington. We got there a few minutes before they closed so I didn't want to stay to look. We quickly walked around to see if we saw anything we likes. I saw a table set (table and 2 chairs) that could also possibly work in the kitchen eatting area. It was only 400, big difference and it comes with chairs. We first have to figure out the actually size of the area in the kitchen. I dont have a picture of this one either.

Also while wondering around I feel in love with a crib. My mother in law found a high chair that turns into a rocking horse, you would have to see it to understand. The crib is a convertable crib. The side doesn't slide down, part of it flip down. I don't feel safe with the sides that slide, but I am also to short to reach into most cribs without a stool, which would be another safety issue.

Oh I also saw a sleigh bed that I would love to have. But will never get for the price they wanted. It was 13,000, yes you read that correct it has 000 at the end of that. OMG i could not see buying a bed that costs more than some cars. It was huge and gorgeous and you really would need the room and have it at the center of attention.


Kristen said...

I know exactly what type of dining table you're talking about where the sleeves just "pop" up, very awesome! We just bought a new dining set and spent about $2600, that was for the table & 8 chairs.... so much more than I realized it would cost!

Congrats on getting an A on your final! How'd you do on the math one? My final is tomorrow - yikes! I'm in school to be an RN, got a year left, can't wait to be done!

ModernMom said...

Oh how I love furniture shopping! You are so right to take your time and make sure you find the right fit for your life:)

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today, hope to see you again soon:)

Helga said...

I would love to go to Amish country to shop. I used to live in PA and never went. The high chair is the kind of high chair we use for our children in Iceland. Ours are made out of some kind of plastic though with leather seats. Congrats on the A on your final!

John Paul said...

Shopping for Amish furniture is a tough battle. It's always hard to find that balance between price and function. I do social media work for an online distributor of Amish products, so I try to help people find that balance everyday. You're taking a good approach to the process. Congrats on the A in your American Red Cross Certification!! That's awesome

Alison said...

Beautiful crib! (our last one was $20 at a garage sale, didn't look nearly as lovely, not nearly, but I couldn't complain about the price, LOL!)

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