Sunday, December 6, 2009

Toledo Zoo

Last night Dave, my mother in law, 3 yr old niece and I went to the Toledo Zoo lights. Even though it was 26 degrees outside it was fun. I went prepared and dressed warm. I have on two pairs on socks with my boots with the fur, a pair of jeans with pj pants over them, two shirts, a carhart winter jacket, a scarf, ear muffs, and two pairs of gloves. There was no way I was going to get cold.
I didn't know what to expect besides a lot of lights. There were just a few animals. Outside I saw two bad eagles and a couple of penguins. Inside there were a bunch in the amphibans exhibit and bugs. The zoo seemed bigger then that Cleveland zoo. Now I am planing a trip for next summer where we can go around and see all the animals and not freeze.
They had a lot of lights all over the place. There was one tree that had really weird lights that mde it look like fireworks. They also had a huge christmas tree. It had to be like 40 feet if not bigger. You could see if from anywhere you were in the Zoo. A few different areas had dancing lights that were insync with the music.
We had a blast. I would recommend it and plan on going again next year.


Jennifer said...

Ugh I hate being cold too, but it sounds like an amazing time!!!

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