Sunday, December 13, 2009

What Were We Thinking

Yesterday we finally went to cut down a christmas tree. We found this great place that had lots of trees to choose from that you cut down yourself. They let you borrow a saw and a tree wheelbarrel. They then shake the tree and bag it up and put it in/on your vehicle.
My mother and law and niece went with us. Since the tree is going to my parents house the only rule was that it had to be strong enough to hold the oranments. I let David pick out the tree from there. Here is David giving me a strange look about cutting down the tree:

and him laying on the ground cutting the tree.

and the tree stump.

You know when you see a tree out in the middle of nowhere you can't really determine how big it is. Once the tree was cut down and the guys at the tree farm came over to help we determined the tree was a lot bigger than we really thought. It barely fit in the shaker stand and wouldn't fit in the bagger thing. It did somewhat fit in the back for the F 150.

When we got the tree home is when we really found out how huge it was.

We had to go buy a bigger tree stand. The base of the tree was larger than the 6 inch diameter stand we had. We went to Walmart and with much luck we found a stand that was large enough. They only had two left. After trimming about 2 feet off the bottom, and some off the top we finally decided it was short enough. It took a lot of effort and squeezing the tree over the bushes and in the door. Here is the final result of the tree in the house.
We decided we had to go buy more lights and ornaments etc. I will post more photos of the tree decorated when it is done.


Helga said...

That is one HUGE tree!!! I can´t wait to see picture of it after it is decorated!

Kristen @ Miss Prissy Paige said...

That is one huge tree! Glad you were able to get it home in the truck. Can't wait to see it decorated!

Kristin said...

Now that's a Grizwald moment! Happy Saturday Sharefest!

Jennifer said...

That tree is huge! But it's also gorgeous!! It's going to look fabulous when your finished decorating it!!

Kristen said...

oh wow that is the biggest tree ever! How fun!

Janice (5 Minutes for Mom) said...

OH MY!!! That is soooo funny!!! You won't EVER forget this Christmas. :)

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