Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Girls Day Out

Yesterday I had a lunch date with my sister and a good friend. I hadn't seen my friend Misty in quite a while. We finally were able set a date that all three of us could get together, have lunch and exchange Christmas presents.  We ended up going to lunch at Bob Evan's. We were there for a good hour chatting, catching up, eatting, ...
I ordered a half turkey sandwich and bowl of vegetable soup. It was really good.
Here is Misty and my sister Sarah

Here is me being a dork taking a picture of myself.

Here are some other random photos from yesterday.

I had a blast. We both agreed we need to see each other more often and hang out like we use to.


Leesie said...

That looks like a fund day to me. I must be hungry because that sandwich/ fry combo looks so yummy right now.

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