Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Where we may eat... One Day

Usually in a dining room you having a dining room table and chairs. Well we have a ugly table, a garfield folding chair, but not what i dream of having. This room is a work in process. Eventually we will also finish the fish tank.


Summer said...

Girly thanks for stopping by the bloggy blog! I love meeting new "bloggy" friends! I feel ya on the buy a new house and think it is gonna all be furnished the same day! Nope....doesn't happen LOL....I remember buying this big house and half of it was empty for like a year LOL.... I love the table that fish tank is on Gorgeous.... You will get there one piece of furniture at a time LOL....

Oh and I see on your profile you collect froggies....I do to....I don't like the real ones yucky but I just did a post 'while back on my froggy my little girl has lots of froggy things....
Have a great day
Summer :0)

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