Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Day 3- Extravaganza


Day Three of Mama's M Valentine's Blog hop. Hop on over to her blog for all the details.

Tuesday Question:
How He Popped the Question:

Dave and I had went looking at rings quite a few times. Before Thanksgivings I had decided on a ring I wanted. I customized a ring to my liking. We ordered it and Dave went and picked it up, so I couldn't see it and hid it.
Dave had mentioned he was going to propose on Christmas Eve. When Christmas Eve came around he told me he had to take the ring back that the diamond was loose.
On Christmas morning we started at my parents house. He had set a bag aside and said I had to open it last. I open all my presents and the last present was not my ring. (I forgot what it was) I was a little disappointed but it was still christmas. Later that morning we went to his parents house. There he set aside a huge box and said I had to open that one last too. When I opened the large box, inside was another box. Then another box. Then another box. Then a small box from things remembered. The box was ingraved with "Will You Marry Me 6-29-08" But inside the box was empty. He still said that he had to take the ring back in because the diamond was loose.
Next thing I knew his mother grabbed another bag and handed it to me. Inside the bag was a puppet frog. Inside of the frogs mouth was my ring. With the diamond in tack, although the diamond did fall out a little over a week later.


Alissa said...

This is such a cute engagement story. I've always loved Christmas proposals, that's so much fun that he tried to trick you too with the boxes.

Emily said...

What a pretty ring! I haven't even thought about heart shaped diamonds.

Erica said...

Beautiful! Speaking of beautiful, there is something specially beautiful for you!

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