Monday, March 15, 2010

Had a Good Weekend

This past weekend went a lot better than the previous one.
Friday night I got home from work around 7:30. Dave was in the garage. We talked for a little bit in there. Then we walked around the yard and discussed what we want to do to change it up, make it our own, get ready for kids, get ride of a mud pit, etc. His parents and some race members came over to work on the race car. After a little bit Dave came in the house and told me to get ready to go to dinner. I had mentioned earlier I was craving a burger and we don't have a grill so I couldn't make my own. We ended up going to Red Robin. yummy.
Saturday I worked most of the day. I come home and have a message that they are at the engine builders place and forgot a part. So I ran over there to take them the part. While there it started to snow again. Wasn't sticking to the ground but what a difference from 71 degress on Thursday to 34 degrees and snow on Saturday. I am so ready for spring to come already.
Sunday I had to work also. I came home to the guys needing help with the race car. Well really they just wanted me to take pictures but that is helping out right. They had to move the race car from one garage bay to the next to paint it. Here is a before photo
Here is them picking up and moving the car. it is not very lite

Here are the after photos. along with my father in law who painted under the car and the floor of the garage. Oh what a mess they have to clean up this week.

Also last night it was on to a new bottle of wine. I really like this one.


Holly said...

sounds like a great weekend! And Red Robin certainly does sound yummy!

Stacey said...

My honey and I went to Red Robin on our first date. love their burgers.

Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails said...

I have never been to a Red Robin. We must not have them here!
THat is great about the car!! How fun!!

Sarah said...

lol hon maybe you shoulda told Bird he wasn't supposed to paint himself, just the car. And any sort of alcohol sounds really good right now, go read my blog

Jessica said...

I love me some wine!

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