Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Weekend Recap

I had a great Easter Weekend. I worked a split shift on Friday. That was a long day. Saturday I worked until 5. I wasn't feeling well so I came home and slept. I went to bed around 6:30 and didn't get up until 9:30. I didn't sleep the whole time but didn't really get out of bed just tossed and turned on and off. I ended up staying up until 2 am messing with my phone.
I have my blackberry password protected. My husband mistyped my password 10 times, (well he was trying to guess my password). After doing it 10 times blackberry automatically restarts your phone from scratch. It deletes everything that was in the phone, numbers, photos etc. There is no way to get to back which sucks. I have lost some contacts that I needed and phones I wanted. You can back-up your phone to the computer, which I am doing now just incase.
Sunday morning I woke up around 9. We didn't have to be at the in-laws until 1pm, so I had time to be lazy. I watched some tv and played on the internet. Around noon I went outside and made my backyard into a driving range. Since we have a long backyard and a field behind us, I figured I would be safe and not hit anything besides maybe a tree. And since this is only my second time swinging a golf club I knew my ball wouldn't go to far.
At the in-laws we had an easter egg hunt for my niece and cousin. They had easter eggs all over the yard. They said they had over 150 eggs in the yard. They had fun finding all the eggs with candy inside. My mother in law also does something a little different. After they get all the eggs. They can trade in a certain colored egg for a toy, like a blue egg for a blue bubble thingy. Here are some photos of them getting eggs. Then my camera died.

After the easter egg hunt we went inside for lunch-dinner. We had sanwiches with potato salad, coleslaw, beans and deviled eggs. For dessert was chocolate cake and chocolate pudding die that I made, and pumpkin pie. Then it ws off to my parents house for dinner at 5pm.
We had ham, eggs, rolls, broccoli and cheese, and potato salad. For dessert my mom made cheesecake, yumm.
It was a great weekend. Nice to spend the day with family and loved one, with no drama. My only little complaint is a comment that was made from a family member. They said "why aren't you pregnant yet aren't you guys trying". I just pretty much ignored them and they never said anything else. Not everyone is lucky enough to get pregnant the first try.


Kristen @ Miss Prissy Paige said...

Looks like a great Easter weekend!

Jessica said...

be patient...itll happen!

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