Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Cleaning Schedule

Part of my Household Binder is my weekly cleaning schedule. Now that I have a house I realize how dirty it gets and how long it can take to clean everything. By doing a little cleaning everyday everything stays in order and doesn't get out of hand. I let it slack a couple of weeks ago and it took me a few hours to get everything catch-up. I have turned into somewhat of a neat/cleaing freak.
Here is my daily cleaing:
- do a load of laundry
- make the bed
- empty dishwasher

- load dishwasher
- wipe kitchen counters
- wipe down stove
- wipe bathroom sink
- pick up clutter
- sweep kitchen floor

Monday= Bathrooms
- Wipe mirror
- wipe down sink and back of toilet
- scrub toilet
- scrub shower/tb
- sweep/vacuum
- cop

Tuesday= Main Floor
- vacuum office
- vacuum spare room
- vacuum dining room
- dust office
- dust dining room
- dust spare room
- sweep front porch
- sweep side porch

Wednesday= Master Bedroom
- Dust
- vacuum
- change/ wash sheets
- wash mirror
- organize end tables
- wipe top of stairs

Thursday= Kitchen/Garbage
- clean out fridge
- clean rabbit cage
- empty kitchen garbage
- empty recycleables
- take trash and recyclables to curb
- organize pantry
- mop kitchen floor
- do house garbage
- clean cat box
- clean rabbit cage

Friday= Basement
- dust fireplace
- clean furniture
- wipe tv
- wipe tv stand
- vacuum carpet
- wipe off top of washer and dryer
- sweep stairs
- vacuum laundry room
- mop laundry room

- Plan weekly menu
- make shopping list
- grocery shop


Meredith said...

I am seriously impressed. I am lucky if I do any one room in the house over the course of a week!

Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails said...

wow! You are good.
I spent HOURS cleaning the other day before company because I let things go all week. In my defense....I usually dont get home until 8 PM every night...is that an excuse!!? :)

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