Thursday, April 8, 2010

Vacation Change again

I really need to just book a vacation so I can't back out. My husband and I were suppose to be going to Niagara Falls, Canada and Hersey, PA in July. That isn't happening as of right now. Don't know what happened there but we are not doing that.
My husband wants a vacation for 7 days that is less than $2000. I know it is doable, I just don't know what I want to do. The cruise I want is 9 nights and $3000. Disney would be over 2000 once you add in food and hotel and park tickets.
Anyone have any suggestions for vacation. Just 2 of us, for 7 days, in August. Something I can do if I am pregnant, options of things to do while there...
Thanks in advance.

Just for fun, what was your favorite vacation as a child.
One of my favorite vacations was going to Florida. My parents had won a trip to the Bahamas. We took a couple hour cruise from Florida to the Bahamas. Stayed there for a few days then went back to Florida and did some site seeing. That year we did Universal Studios and Gatorland. I stil remember and would love to go back to Gatorland.


Christy said...

Hi =) Found you on 20sb! Have you tried They offer great vacation packages! And are you looking for something relaxing? Or active? A cruise and Disney are two very different trips!

Louisville, KT is a GREAT city and a lot of fun!

Best of luck vacation planning!

Stacey said...

there are lots of cruises that are 7 days or less that would fit in your budget. Or you can try an all inclusive resort in Mexico. You can get those for fairly cheap most of the time.

Holly said...

you can still make any of those trips work with that budget but I think the idea about all inclusive resorts is a great one. whatever you decide I hope you have a blast!

Letherton said...

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SnoWhite {Finding Joy in My Kitchen} said...

I stopped by from the party, and found your vacation post! My favorite place is Traverse City, MI and Sleeping Bear Dunes. If you're looking for a relatively cheap vacation, this would be my recommendation. It's stunning in the summer, white sand beaches, glistening blue water, amazing dunes, and Traverse City is a splendid town. Being from Ohio you might have already been there, but it's likely close enough you can drive :)

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