Friday, July 16, 2010

Adventures in Lawn Mowing

Dave and I take turns doing the chores around the house. I got home early one day this week. It was gorgeous outside so I decided to cut the grass. We have 3/4 an acre so a riding lawnmower is a must. The last time I cut the grass I ran out of gas. This was the first time since then that the grass was getting cut so I had to put gas in the lawn mower. This is so much easier said than done. As I am pouring the gas I end up pouring it on my hands and my one foot. What a great start. I then move my foot and cut my toe on the blade cover. You would think that would been a big enough hint for me not to cut the grass. I ended up waiting until Dave got home to finish adding the gas.
When I was cutting the grass I got in an accident. I know you're thinking how do you get in an accident while cutting the grass. I was going a little to fast and the lawn mower did turn as sharply as I wanted it to and I hit our big yellow box truck that we use to pull the race car. No damage was done to the truck, but I did bend the nose of lawnmower.
I think it isn't ment for me to cut the grass anymore. What do you think.


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