Thursday, July 29, 2010

Cleaning Bug

I had off two days in a row. What is a girl to do. Clean the house. I started vacuum, scrubbing, dusting, organzing, etc. I have 3 rooms done only the rest of the house to go.
I finally got my husband to put together a bookshelf that had been sitting in the box for about four months. I put our dvd's in order on the shelfs. On the old shelf I put the series and disney movies. I also did the same thing with all our cd cases.

I feel better sitting in the living room and not seeing messes all over the place. Now if I could just get the throw rug to stay in the same spot and not drive me nuts.


Mothers' Hideaway said...

Isn't it amazing what happens if you just get your mind set on it!? Glad you finished it off! :) I say put a table on the rug! LOL

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