Monday, September 13, 2010

Rainy Weekend

I had such a great weekend. Why did it have to end so soon.
Friday- I worked til 9. It ended up being a somewhat busy night so it went by quick. I came home watched some tv, took a shower and went to bed. Nothing to interesting.
Saturday- I worked from 9 to 2. Went home changed clothes and hopped in the race truck. On the way to the track it started to rain. When we got to the track it hadn't even rained there. Dave and I set up the car and got everything ready for the first set of hot laps. The car was running good for the most part. When in line for the second set of hot laps it started to rain. We don't race in the rain so they pulled everyone off the track. We covered the car and waited for it to pass. It stopped for a few minutes, then started back up again. It did this off and on until 7pm when they finally canceled the race and sent us all home. Dave and I came home changed out of our wet clothes and spend the night cuddling and watching tv.
Sunday- I slept in. It doesn't happen that often that I get a Sunday off where I can be lazy and sleep in and don't have any plans. I told Dave to not make any plans for that day either. I got up before Dave and did dishes, cleaning the kitchen, dining, did some bills, and started breakfast. Dave got woken up by the smoke alarm going off. I don't do very well making bacon. We had bacon and eggs for breakfast.
After breakfast I did some coupons and made the weekly menu and grocery list. Then got ready and went shopping. They opened a new Walmart in the area. We went and checked it out, we were there for almost 2 hrs. It had a different layout so I had to look for things not just go grab it and go.
After shopping we came home made dinner then watched the MTV VMA's.

Sunday- Cheeseburgers, fries, mac salad, and coleslaw
Monday- Taco Pie (recipe coming soon)
Tuesday- FFYS
Thursday- Pineapple Chicken
Friday- FFYS


Ashley said...

Yummo, chicken broccoli noodle sounds delish!!!

Isn't sleeping in the best!

Glad you had a great weekend!

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