Monday, September 6, 2010

Weekend Recap

The weekends over again. Summer is officially over. I am loving this fall weather we are having. I can't wait to decorate. I need to go shopping for some decorating first.

Friday- Relaxing night at home. I did homework and some cleaning and dishes... Nothing fun.

Saturday- I worked til 2, came home did a math test, and then we went to the race track. Our car is still being fixed so we just went to watch. I had a blast. Our team mate won the feature and blew his motor in the last lap. My husband ended up helping them do a motor swap til 4 am so they could race again on Sunday. He also won on Sunday.
Another friend was also racing on Saturday. He was up visiting his family from Alabama and this was his first time ever racing. He did very well, we are all so proud of him. I ment to take pictures, but I had a big airheaded moment. I took my camera but forgot the memory card at home.

Sunday- I worked til 5. Then came home and had another relaxing night.

Monday- Labor Day- My sister, David and I went to Cedar Point. This was the second time this year for David and I. Before that it had been 7 years. We had a blast. I dragged my sister to ride the Top Thrill Dragster. I was so excited. I only got nervous when we were seating in the staging lanes.
The park was to crowded for being a holiday. But the day started off a little chili and there was a chance of thunder storms. It didn't rain or anything though. It was just perfect fall weather. Shorts and a sweatshirt did well.
We ended up leaving pretty early, like 5ish. I rode an older wooden roller coaster and ended up in a lot of pain. I went prepared with pain pills just incase something did happen. We wondered around the park for a while and my sister and husband rode some rides, while I just relaxed and waited. I am finishing my night in bed with more pain pills, blogging and watching Season 1 of Gossip Girl

P.S. New Layout coming in the next few days. with more updates...


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