Thursday, October 14, 2010

flipped out today

I flipped out today. Normally I am very organized and remember where I put things. One of my girlfriend's was over. We were talking about vacations. She wanted to see photos from my last cruise. I have been a little behind on getting the photos developed and off my camera. I have all the photos on the same disk all the way back from August 2009. So I grabbed my laptop where I had last seen my memory card. It wasn't there. Then I looked in the camera. It wasn't there either. I started flipped out. I searched in the basement, had my husband flip the couches, in my bedroom, the kitchen, the office, and the dining room. I couldn't find it anywhere. Finally Dave came upstairs and found it in te crack of the chair I was sitting in earlier. I really have no idea how it got there.
On the agenda for tomorrow is copying all my photos to a free internet site (any suggestions) and to my external hard drive.


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