Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Better Late Than Never

Last Friday over at Kelly's Korner was Show Us Your Life- Kitchens. I have been so crazy busy with other things I didn't have time to post. Today is better than never.
Here's my kitchen. I have posted these same photos before. My kitchen is currently a mess. It is on my to do list for this weekend.
Our house has a pretty small kitchen. I don't love it. I wish I had a bigger kitchen. Dave and I have talked about expanding the back of house and making the kitchen larger, but that is only if we stay here forever. We talk of moving in a few years, only time will tell.
This is from standing in the hallway. Yes I have a hooters calender hanging in the kitchen.

This is front standing by the fridge.

I am standing by the garbage can here.

I am standing at the side door. This is where you would put a small dinette. We currently have a cedar/hope chest sitting here. It makes for a great seat while putting on your shoes.

This is our backdoor. Straight in the back door is the stairs to the basement.

We are not a huge fan of all the black and white checkers. But I see it as a checkered flag than with the stainless steel fridge reminds me of a garage in a sense. But I do love the ceiling of the gray mixture.


Jami said...

You may not love the checkers, but at least it is somewhat neutral. So much better than a screaming, bright color. I think it's kind of quaint. :)

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