Friday, October 29, 2010

Show Us Where You Live- Guest BedRoom

Im back on the back on the band wagon with Kelly's Korner this week for Show us where you live guest bedroom edition.
Our Guest Bedroom is kind of a mess. It has also become a storage place. This guestroom will turn into a nursery when we have a child. Since we are trying to conceieve, I kind don't want to re-do the guest room and get pregnant and have to re-do it again into a nursery.
There is a box of clothes that need to be donated. A family friend gave us a stroller when they found out we were trying for a little one.

The computers are suppose to go up in our bedroom and see if they work.

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Shoshanah said...

I pretty much call our "guest bedroom" the big closest, because that's really all it is.

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