Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Holiday Clean - Up Week 1- Kitchen

The kitchen in my house seems to need the most cleaning the most frequently. It seems to be the collect all, drop off, leave a mess room. It is the most traveled room in my house too.  Is it the same way in your house too?
I may have a small kitchen but still it needs a lot of cleaning when I do my "major deep cleaning". Here is all the cleaning jobs I did in the kitchen, somewhat in the order I did it.
- empty and fill dishwasher
- take down curtains, wash, dry and hang back up
- wipe down mini blinds
- clean with windex inside and out of windows
- wipe down top of cupboards and fridge
- dry dust walls
- wipe down all decor
- wipe down light fixture
- empty, wipe down, put back and organize inside of cupboards and drawers
- wipe down outside of cupboards
- wipe down outside of dishwasher
- wipe down and organize inside of fridge and freezer
- clean fridge with stainless steel cleaner
- scrub microwave
- scrub stove
- scrub sink
- clean and disinfect counters
- wipe down baseboards
- wipe down base board heat
- wipe down outside of garbage
- sweep and mop floor

That seems like a lot but once I got started it didn't take to long at all. It feels refreshing now to also have a clean kitchen.

Cleaning Products and Tips used:
- "wipe down" I use a bucket of water with Spic and Span and an old rag
- to clean the windows I use the dollar store brand of windex. It works so well without any streaks.
- stainless steel cleaner, I love Weiman stainless steel cleaner and polish. after trying so many other things this is the best I found. It removes dirt, fingerprints and doesn't leave any streaks but leave a nice shine.
- "scrub" the sink and stove I use comet on a scrubby pad
- to scrub the inside of the microwave: place a small bowl of water and vinegar mixture in microwave, heat for 3 to 5 minutes. this will loosen anything stuck on the sides. remove bowl (warning water and bowl will be hot). with a sponge scrub inside of microwave.
- to disinfect I use Lysol all purpose cleaner and disinfectant


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