Friday, December 10, 2010

Flying Clock

Where has time went. I can't believe there is only 14 (technically 13 shopping days) left to Christmas. I have barely even started. I don't know what I am getting people or anything. I really need to get the ball rolling. It's hard when I am not really in the mood, I'm fighting getting sick, I'm working two jobs, we don't really have the money, and I not in the spirit of Christmas presents shopping. It will get done though. I am just gonna have to kick myself in the ass and get in gear.
I am excited for Christmas though to see my neice open her presents, spend Christmas morning with just me and my husband, seeing all the lights, spending time with the family, having my parents and sister over on Christmas Eve...


Kristen said...

sounds like a lot of people are having a hard time getting into the xmas spirit, good luck to you, I hope you can find it!

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