Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Holiday Clean - Up Week 6- Office

Christmas is almost here and my house is just about ready for the holiday's. Decorations and tree are up. Now just to decorate the tree and finish the cleaning and shopping and I will be all ready. This week in the Holiday Clean-up is the office. My office becomes a catch all, storage place... I had recipes, mail, newspaper, magazines, etc piled up on both desks that I have in there, plus stuff all over the floor. The first part of me cleaning the office was putting stuff away, taking stuff out that wasn't suppose to be in there, and filing paperwork.Here is the other cleaning:
- clean windows inside and out
- wipe down mini blinds
- dust walls and artwork
- dust fan
- wipe down desks, and shelves
- wipe down baseboard heat
- wipe down baseboards
- wipe down light switches and power outlets
- vacuum around edges
- vacuum carpet
- wash carpets

Hows your house cleaning coming along for the holiday season?


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