Friday, February 26, 2010

Snow Day

I finally got my snow day, well some what. As of right now I am off today. I was suppose to work 11 to 7. If they get busy they are suppose to call me in. I only live about 5 minutes from work no biggie. All the local schools are closed and the county is a Level 1, the roads are dangerous be cautious if you have to go out but we prefer if you stay in.
We got a couple of inches yesterday, a couple over night, and more to come today and tomorrow, on top of what was already there from the last snow store. I want to go sledding and build a snow man, and make a snow angel. Maybe I will do that when the hubby gets home and puts the plow on the truck.
Since there is no school today that means they don't get out there and plow very well. Below is a picture of my street. I live on a major state route you would think they would atleast have the main roads done for the people who do have to work.

I so need some snow boots that are higher than my ankles so I can go play.


Staci said...

I hope you get to enjoy your snow day! I'm so glad we only got a little from this last storm. Snow is pretty, but so tiring this year!

Holly said...

wow that is gorgeous!

Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails said...

Oh, I wish we got a snow day! I Live in NH and we have not had any snow..well, NOT much. Not like normal! Everywhere else seems to be getting it all :(

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